Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lillyput Lane Design Company: The art of gift giving...

Lillyput Lane Design Company: The art of gift giving...: Snowflake Gifts The art of gift giving has been something so hard to do and it is almost impossible.  We decided in our family for th...

The art of gift giving...

The art of gift giving has been something so hard to do and it is almost impossible.  We decided in our family for the first time ever we were going to do the "Secret Santa" idea for our extended family instead of buying a present for each person. We could only spend $100 on our gift  recipient.  Well, this got me thinking so hard it gave me a literal headache.  I choose my brother in law, Dan.  It is so hard to think of something special, yet cool for a guy.  I ended up with wine & cigars. Not so original but thoughtfully gifted.  I was on a trip with my oldest daughter & Sister a few weeks ago to Europe.  We visited London, Paris, Florence & Orvieto.  Fabulous and I will be writing about our adventures soon.
Getting back to Dan & my gift. I was in Orvieto and found wine that is made from this region and is a perfect gift, what guy does not love a little wine?    As for the cigars, these were hand rolled in Florence. I think it is perfect and personalized.  I think the key is really knowing what the other person likes and your relationship with that person.  For instance, if it is your best friend, than matching bracelets like below.

Love this designer form "Make Pie Not War". She was just featured on Etsy and has a really unique talent with metal. Be sure not to miss her jewelry.
 Make Pie Not War

So, We love this listing for "dog lovers" and believe me some of these people love their dogs more than their own children.  We have three little ones,  two of which are rescues.  You could also make a donation to a dog shelter in their name with a cameo dog necklace.  I personally love this idea and for the record I love my children just as much as my puppies...

The perfect Sisters gifts.  I love the personalized gift & I also love monograms. The perfect way to say "i love you"
Keepsake Pendants

For the "cool girl" that has everything. Mixed metals are so modern and these little perfect funky earrings are for the modern fashionista.

 Moiraklime on ETSY

We just adore all types of photography at Lillyput and it truly makes a perfect gift. I love the idea of this picture in a vintage/rustic frame.  Sometimes it makes a truly unique gift with some old & new used to create the idea.

This ring is way to edgy for me but it is for the "rocker girl". Can't you just see her at a concert with the three finger pose & the guitar face?


The Vintage Collector
A vintage gifted knows that a wood box can just be a great idea for the home. You can fill it with books, fruit, candles or just put your magazines in it. This could also be used to make a great gift basket with all of their favorite treats.
 North Bound Salvage

Handcrafted hoodie for your precious… Anything handcrafted in my book deserves to be gifted.

The New Mom or Grandmother


The perfect gift for the "nature lover". Just make sure it has a cool frame.

I love this designer from Burnish on Etsy. She has a distinctive style & it shows in her jewelry design, packaging & photography...

Can you not see this on a 6 foot tall girl walking the streets of Paris. How unique & quirky all at the same time. It is definitely a look for that perfect present kind of girl...
Judith v Vliet

We hope this helps you in your efforts to find the perfect gifts… Leave your comments & other inspirations. WE would love to here them...

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Getting Married?

Getting Married?

Etsy is the marketplace for the practical Bride.  You can find everything you need & more.  If you love to be different and find that "not so common" accessories,  than Etsy is the place for you.  I love to look through thousands of listings to find the perfect idea.  I would have to say this is the "go to" place for any Bride…

BTW- I loved this so much I bought it...